Only one exam left, you’re nearly there! Before you know it, you’ll be packing your things and heading home to a wonderful holiday-filled household filled with baked goods and twinkling lights. Until then, we hope this post will give you something to laugh at and help you through your last exam. You can do it!

When your brain just won't absorb any more information:

When you really can’t be bothered to make proper food for yourself:

When you realize you forgot your notebook at the library and have to go back:

When the exam covers material your professor said you did not need to study:

When everyone’s on edge because of exams and things get a little tense with your roommates:

When your friends that have finished their exams taunt you with their fun plans:

When you realize you had written the time down wrong and your exam is actually three hours earlier than you thought:

When you walk out of the exam room: