In the age of the internet, if a student needs to find information on a topic, they go online. Encyclopedias are virtually extinct, and you’ll notice that the majority of students you see in a library are working on a laptop. Though they are surrounded by thousands of books, they seldom actually take a book home with them. This should simply not be the case. Libraries and books have so much to offer, so read this article, and I beg you, go visit your local library as fast as you can!  

1. Libraries have scholarly sources!

Of course, just because something is published doesn’t mean it is a scholarly source. However, the chances of it being a legitimate source of information are much higher than on the internet. The majority of articles on the web do not have authors or reputable organizations behind their creation. So when your teacher tells you that you need to use five scholarly sources in your next paper, head to the library and pick up a book!

2. Books lead to improved concentration

It’s true! Studies have shown that reading something off a piece of paper, as opposed to a laptop screen aids concentration. In addition, if you’re reading a book your ability to multi-task is greatly reduced. Whereas if you’re reading off of a laptop screen, it’s easy to get distracted by other apps, internet tabs, or notifications.

3. Libraries are excellent study spaces

Libraries offer a quiet oasis, perfect for getting some serious studying done. If the library is sizeable, there will usually be a floor dedicated to complete silence if the sound of background murmurs is enough to break your concentration.

4. Libraries have amazing resources

Libraries have so many resources designed specifically to help students. From tutoring services to university and career planning tutorials, to the trained librarians who are happy to help a student with their research, there are a multitude of services to take advantage of!

5. Libraries are beautiful

This last one doesn’t relate so much to studying, so think of it as an added bonus. Libraries are special places and books should be cherished. With this in mind, libraries are some of the oldest institutions to have been built in several cities across North America. Some are so beautiful they have become major tourist attractions.

Who doesn’t want to study in a place that looks like this? (The National Library of Canada)

Or this? (The George Peabody Library at Johns Hopkins University)

What are you waiting for?