What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than by watching Netflix (ideally while eating chocolate). Rather than wasting time agonizing over what to watch, we’ve created a guide that will give you options based on how you feel about Valentine’s Day. Love it? Hate it? Passive-aggressively resent it? There’s a movie for that! Check out our list below.

Does Valentine’s Day make you feel….

1. Warm and gushy and excited?

Then you should watch: Pride & Prejudice, Blue is the Warmest Colour

2. A bit happy but also a bit sad?

Then you should watch: Forrest Gump

3. Sad about the fact that you are alone?

Then you should watch: Scooby-Doo, Cruel Intentions

4. Meh? It’s no different than any other day.

Then you should watch: Amelie, In Bruges

5. Like you wish real life was a romantic fairytale?

Then you should watch: Once Upon A Time, Finding Neverland

6. Like all you want to do is eat chocolate?

Then you should watch: Legally Blonde, Frozen

7. Angry at the corporate-nature of holidays?

Then you should watch: Full Metal Jacket

8. Like not leaving your house all day?

Then you should watch: How To Get Away With Murder

9. Like you are missing your ex?

Then you should watch: The Hurt Locker

10. Happy that you have such wonderful friends who will buy you chocolate?

Then you should watch: Charlie’s Angels, Parks and Recreation

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