Spend some quality time with your child this Earth Day and get in tune with nature. We’ve created a list of fun activities you can do with your child that will teach them about nature, environmental issues, the impact that humans have on the environment, and the importance of caring for our planet.

1. Go On A Hike In Your Local Area

What better day to spend some time in nature than Earth Day. Take your child to a local park or nature reserve and spend the day going on a walk. Teach them about the beauty of nature and the importance of appreciating it. Maybe even do some research about the park you decide to go to so you can teach your child about the different species of trees and plants that live there. If you want to make a day of it, you could even bring some food with you and have a picnic.

2. Pick Up Trash In A Local Park

This is a great way to give back to the community and teach your child a bit about the planet. Littering is a major problem in many communities. Not only does it affect the neighbourhood aesthetically, making it appear dirty and smelly, but littering actually causes air pollution. So head out to a nearby park with some gloves and a garbage bag and give back to your community and your planet.

3. Plant A Tree/Garden In Your Backyard

Planting a tree is the quintessential activity to do on Earth Day. So why not plant a tree in your very own backyard? You can teach your child about the importance of preserving all living things on earth, and give them an impromptu science lesson on photosynthesis (what is required for a plant to grow).

4. Plan An Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Perfect for the younger ones, plan an Earth Day scavenger hunt that will have them running around the backyard. Each child could be responsible for finding a flower, a twig, a leaf, a pinecone, and whatever else you have in your backyard! You could even have them do an environment-themed craft afterwards using what they found during the hunt. Check out this DIY Pinecone Birdfeeder!

5. Go Electricity Free For The Day

Many schools have started turning off the lights for an hour or more on Earth Day, so why not go the extra mile and declare Earth Day an electricity-free day. No lights, no phones, no computers, no television. Not only will this probably lead to more quality time with your family, it also serves as a great segue into discussing how much energy is consumed by electricity and the small ways you can work to limit your own use of electricity, such as unplugging appliances when not in use.  

6. Calculate Your Family’s Carbon Footprint

This is the perfect activity (especially if you plan on doing #7) if you really want to make a change and adopt more environmentally-friendly habits. The Nature Conservancy has a Free Carbon Footprint Calculator that allows you to input data about your household and consumption habits. It will then calculate your carbon footprint, letting you know the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere as a result of your lifestyle.

7. Create An Environmental Accord For Your Family

Make a list of environmentally-friendly goals that your family can strive towards. With each goal, teach your child a little about the significance of conserving our planet’s resources. Goals can range from taking shorter showers to turning the tap water off when you’re brushing your teeth to replacing plastic water bottles with reusable ones. Once you’re finished, write or type it out, have each family member sign the bottom, and hang it on the fridge.