I hope most of you have seen at least a few episodes of Gilmore Girls by now (if not, then you better do so before the Netflix reboot!), and as you may have already deduced, the characters on Gilmore Girls are some of the wisest out there. Lorelai and Rory’s witty quips can relate to feelings we’ve all had. Since re-watching the show during university I found that many moments from the show were particularly applicable to college life. Enjoy!

1. Your hunger level at pretty much any point in the day:

2. Your anger levels on a Sunday night:

3. Visiting your guy friend’s apartment for the first time and realizing how much of a pigsty it is:

4. When you’ve just broken up with someone:

5. When someone brings you coffee and a croissant after you’ve been studying in the library all day:

6. When the Domino’s delivery person gets your order wrong again:

7. When you’re having one of those days:

8. When your friend suggests a new study spot or dining hall:

9. ...Said no college student ever:

10. The first time you try sangria:

11. When you get a bad grade back:

12. You tell yourself this after every lecture:

13. You’ve been studying late all week, have barely slept and you start having some weird thoughts:

14. You have an essay due in two hours, you’re 1,000 words under the minimum, and your friend suggests you take a study break:

15. When exam time is around the corner:

16. In the end, we know to question anyone who says this:

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