Everyone has different student habits. Some people need absolute silence, while others prefer the constant buzz of background noise around them. Your preference could be a personal one, or dependent on the type of school work you’re doing, but whatever type of study environment you prefer, it’s important to find your study spot oasis. We’ve come up with a list of some of the best study spots in your neighbourhood for every type of studier. Whether you like returning to the same spot again and again, or seek a little bit of change in your study routine, make it your mission this school year to find the best study spot for YOU.

The Library

We’ll get the most obvious location out of the way first. The library is a great place to study for students seeking a silent space or a slightly louder one. Big university libraries tend to have certain floors dedicated to social studying and others dedicated to silent studying. Plus, if you’re already in a library that means you have access to computers, printers, scanners, and thousands of books at your fingertips. The library is perfect for all kinds of studying, but is well suited to research projects where you need to pull information from a variety of resources. An added bonus is that you have the librarians there to help you.

An Independent Cafe

Independent cafes are a great place to study for people that enjoy a little bit of background noise when they’re studying. There are three main benefits to studying at an independent cafe: First, there are food and drinks around you. You don’t need to worry about dehydration or hunger getting in the way of productive studying. Second, most cafes nowadays have free wifi, meaning you should have no problem browsing the internet while you’re there. The final benefit (though less study-related), is that going to an independent cafe will allow you to discover a local spot in your town. Though there’s nothing wrong with Starbucks or Tim Horton’s, it’s nice to escape the repetition of major chains once in a while. Plus, with less foot traffic in an independent cafe, your study space will never be too rambunctious.  

At Home

Again, this may be an obvious one. Most people, whether they like it or not, have spent a decent amount of time studying at home. Studying at home can be great - you have food nearby, you have the internet, and simply put, you have the comfort of being in your own home. However, there are a few things to look out for if you decide to study at home. Studying at home can be very distracting, so be sure to study in a room that does not have a TV or other electronic devices in it. If possible, try not to study in your bedroom. Not only is it best to separate personal/social space from your study space, but oftentimes you’re tempted to study on your bed when you study in your room. Wherever you study in your home, make sure you are sitting upright on a supportive chair at a sturdy desk. You don’t want to get a sore back in the middle of studying!

At School

If you have a free period, or some time after class to stay late, studying at school can be a great option. Being surrounded by teachers, books, classes, and other students provides academic inspiration! Studying at school also gives you the opportunity to form study groups. Study groups can serve as a great motivator and have been proven to increase retention when studying material. Whether you plan on studying alone or with others, just be careful not to get too distracted by your friends.

In the Park

We know this location is dependent on a few things - weather, proximity, and technology. If it’s raining or if you need to use a laptop for your homework, a park probably isn’t the best option. However, if you’re writing notes by hand and need some inspiration, the park is a terrific place to visit! Whether you’ve spent three hours cooped up inside studying, or you’re just starting your homework for the day, there is no disadvantage to getting some fresh air! Spending time outside is a great way to de-stress and get a new perspective on things.

If none of the above options strike your fancy, here are a few of the best apps to help you tune out the world, wherever you are!