Love is in the air! And what does this mean? Well gift-giving, really. If you really want to show your Valentine that you care about them this year, we’ve got the perfect gift idea. What better way to tell your special someone that you love them than by buying them…



Think about it… buying your significant other a subscription to GradeSlam will show them that you care about their education, and that you want them to succeed and achieve their goals!

Here are some of the perks of a GradeSlam Subscription:

1. Tutors are online 24/7: Whether your partner is a night owl or an early bird, there will always be a tutor available to chat. With no scheduling necessary, the service is truly hassle-free.

2. Tutoring is unlimited: Your loved one can log on to GradeSlam as much as they like throughout the course of the month. Every week? Sure! Every day? No problem! The price won’t change.

3. All tutoring sessions are conducted online: This means your S.O. can get homework help whether at the library, in bed watching a movie, OR while on a romantic date with you (though we don’t advise the last one).

4. It’s inexpensive: Seriously, it barely costs more than Netflix. Just $15 per month or $150* for the year. AND you can try it for free.

Learn all the benefits GradeSlam has to offer and create an account here!