Ah, freshman year. You’ve been told time and time again how amazing college is going to be. And I’m sure you’re really excited (but also a little nervous). To help ease the anxiety, check out this list of 7 best kept college secrets about freshman year.

1. It’s going to seem amazing

I write “seem” not because freshman year isn’t amazing (it totally is), it just won’t be nearly as amazing as your other years at university. Your freshman year is full of excitement. You’re trying new things, meeting new people, living in a new place, it’s a major adrenaline rush! Take advantage because soon you’re going to be out of the dorms and thrust into semi-adulthood that makes up your sophomore, junior, and senior years.

2. But it’s only going to get better from there

I guarantee you that at the end of your degree, you’ll look back on freshman year with fond memories, BUT you’ll look back on your sophomore, junior, and senior years with even better memories. After all, it’s in these years that you’ll really get a hang of the whole college thing! You’ll know who you’re closest friends are, you’ll develop relationships with certain professors, and you’ll likely live off-campus which will equip you some important life skills.

3. Your first-year courses will not be the easiest ones you take in college

I know everyone says that introductory courses are the easiest, but honestly, that’s a lie. In terms of the content and what the professors expect of you they might seem easier, but in reality, these are the first college classes you’re going to take - a.k.a. This is where you’re going to realize how much harder college is than high school. It’s going to take you some time to get used to it! Once you get into the rhythm and you know what your professors expect from you, it will only get easier.

4. You will likely only remain friends with a fraction of the friends you make in your freshman year

This is a harsh reality. In your freshman year, everyone wants to be friends with everyone. But as people start to move off campus in the later years of university, it’ll start to be much more difficult to hang out with people. After all, they no longer live down the hall. You’ll quickly realize which friends make an effort to stay in touch and which don’t.

5. You will learn a lot about yourself from living in a dorm

Living in a dorm is a rite of passage, but it can also be really tough. Sharing a room with another person, sharing bathrooms with an entire floor, and generally spending most of your time with the other students in your dorm can be a bit overwhelming at times. But, rest assured, it’s not all for nothing because you’ll learn about yourself in the process - how introverted or extroverted you are, a few creative ways to cook food in a microwave, and of course, how to live with a roommate without letting them drive you crazy.

6. The summer after freshman year you’ll miss college more than you thought possible

Going home for the summer after your freshman year of college is going to be a major change. Not only are you going to be separated from your new best friends from college, but you’ll be heading back home where you’ll be living under your parents roof once again. You might notice that you’re a bit more annoyed than you used to be when your parents are constantly asking you where you’re going, and when you’ll be home. But, it’s only 4 months and you’ll be back at college before you know it!

7. Feeling overwhelmed is totally normal

This is the last secret - it’s ok to feel overwhelmed. Even if you think no one is feeling like this, you’re 100% wrong. Moving away from home, meeting new people, living in an unfamiliar city, and having to take college-level exams are all things that would make anyone stressed if they had to experience one of them individually. But you’re doing all 4 at once! Give yourself break.

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