Technology is a big part of our lives. Thanks to it, we now have access to all the information we could possibly want right at our fingertips; what was once tucked away in books is now found online. There are websites and apps that can do just about anything, but the shear scale of the internet makes knowing where to look a challenge. Here you will find a list of 11 fantastic websites related to education and self-improvement. Wether you are a student, parent, teacher or administrator, something is sure to catch your eye.

#1 Discovery Education

What is it? Discovery Education is a big site that offers many things. It’s main goal is to provide to classrooms digital resources capable of supplementing or even replacing the curriculum.

Why we love it. We love this site because it offers a ton of resources for students: math, science, english, you name it. But the real beauty of this site lies in the fact that it has successfully created a stimulating digital curriculum for students. Now teachers can use wonderful videos to captivate the imagination of their students and motivate them to learn. In this day in age when things are constantly tending towards digital, this is the site to help you in the transition.

#2 Edudemic

What is it? Edudemic is a site that focuses on the technical aspect of education. It contains many articles discussing various topics in digital education such as: How to Use Social Media as a Learning Tool in the Classroom or How to Turn Computer Games into Lesson Plans and so forth.

Why we love it? This site is great because it contains very well-written and relevant articles. Teachers and administrators looking to take a bigger step into digital learning should take a look at this site.

#3 Edsurge

What is it? EdSurge is a site that contains a vast collection of articles on current topics in education. It focuses on the technical aspect of eduction, but it also discusses all the recent developments such as new policies and international educational news.  

Why we love it? We love this site because it hosts up-to-date and interesting articles. It is a great tool for educators to stay up to speed with the latest trends in education. Many institutions around the world are making digital learning a part of their curriculum and this site is great to stay connected with all the developments.

#4 Funbrain

What is it? This site contains many online educational games, books and comics. It is aimed towards elementary school children.

Why we love it. We love this site because it does many things all at once. It helps young children become accustom to using the internet & computers and it provides entertainment along with education. It’s a great tool for teachers or parents to use during free time to keep their students/ kids busy.

#5 Khan Academy

What is it? Khan Academy is a site providing free educational resources and exercises mostly in the form of youtube videos. It is not-for-profit and was founded by an MIT graduate named Salman Khan. It has received a lot of acclaim and contains very good and reliable information.

Why we love it. We love Khan Academy because it is free, not-for-profit and extremely high quality. The content has also been translated in many languages. Any student serious about supplementing their curriculum should check it out. It also contains a very wide range of topics, so this site is great for increasing general knowledge as well as helping you raise your marks.    

#6 Mentalfloss

What is it? Mental Floss is a site full of random information. It covers topics like history, biology, philosophy, popular culture and everything in between.

Why we love it. Simply put, this site is fun. It doesn’t contain tutorials or advice that will help you get better marks, but it does contain a wealth of information that will make you more knowledgable. The facts and pieces of information are very interesting and the site is entertaining, which makes it the perfect place to spend time just exploring.

#7 Instructables

What is it? This site has a multitude of awesome DIY projects ranging from iPod cases to speakers to recipes.

Why we love it. This is a great site to get going with hands-on work. I’ve been mentioning “online” and “internet” a lot in this post, but we can’t forget about real life projects. This site is full of really awesome ideas.

#8 Sporcle

What is it? Sporcle is a site where you must complete random lists of things (50 states, planets of the solar system, …) within a time limit.

Why we love it? Sporcle is hugely entertaining. You can spend hours sharpening your memory and knowledge completing lists upon lists. All the topics are covered, geography, music, history, literature, and so forth.  

#9 TED

What is it? TED is a site that contains very thought-provoking articles and videos. Leaders in their field are invited to discuss their passions and research.

Why we love it. TED is amazing. This site will seriously blow your mind. If you have an imagination and like to hear very capable people discussing very interesting topics, check TED out. This is one of my favourite sites without a doubt.  

#10 Wikipedia

What is it? A very popular site. As the name would suggest, it is an online encyclopedia. Over the years it has grown and now contains an enormous amount of information.

Why we love it. Wikipedia is simply the best way to get a general idea on any topic. Since anyone can write a Wiki page, the information is often not reliable enough to use in an essay or paper, but it is pretty much always accurate and well written. Pages have been translated into many languages and many of the technical pages have even been translated into simple english, which makes it a perfect tool to help younger students understand complex topics.

#11 Ratemyteachers & Ratemyprofessors

What is it? These two sites contain many reviews for CEGEP and University teachers submitted by current and past students.

Why we love it. Picking a good teacher is key when making a schedule. These two sites have pretty much every teacher in every CEGEP and University covered. The reviews can sometimes seem immature and spiteful, but in my experience they are almost always accurate. These sites were on my “favourites” list during my whole post-high school education.