There are several stages of studying for a final exam. From the initial stress of realizing you have an exam coming up, to the panic that sets in during all-nighters at the library, to the unstoppable anxiety that washes over you when you step into the exam room, exams can be a rough time. But there is a silver lining to this storm cloud, and that is that in a few short weeks, your exams will be over and you’ll be free to have an awesome summer! Here's what it's like studying for an exam (as told by Parks and Recreation).

1. When your professor goes over what to study for the exam and in order not to freak out, you just keep telling yourself:

2. When someone’s eyeing your seat at the library

3. And people in the library have legitimately gone insane

4. When you’re at your lowest point and nothing makes sense any more

5. And studying is essentially torture

6. When all you’re dreaming of is a study snack

7. When your friends try and tempt you to hang out with them instead of study

8. When you’re so stressed not even your school’s puppy therapy day can help you

9. When the exam is tomorrow but you’re in denial

10. Your thoughts right before you enter the exam room

11. When you finally finish writing the exam and you walk out of the room like:

12. When you end up destroying your exam and you have no idea how

13. But your exam is over so it’s time to unleash the happy dance!

Happy Exam Season!

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