Let’s face it. Star Wars has always been awesome. But now, with the newest installment on its way, you can find Star Wars merchandise almost anywhere. This is exciting, but can also be exhausting, especially if you are trying to find the perfect Star Wars gift for that special someone. We’ve narrowed down the top Star Wars gifts out there to make your holiday shopping that much easier. May the force be with you (you’ll need it when shopping at the mall over Christmas).

1. For your yoga-addicted friend:

2. For your friend who’s afraid of the dark:

3. For your friend who can’t get enough toast (throw in some bread and Nutella for a complete gift set!)

4. For your engaged/married friends:

5. For your punny friend:

6. For your family friends:

7. For your fashionista friend:

8. For the cupcake-lover:

9. For your friend who’s still in school:

10. For the techie: