Spring Break + House of Cards = The best of both worlds. It’s nearly time for Spring Break. If you’re going away to a sunny destination with your friends, this is likely how the week will go. And hey, perhaps you can even watch the new season of House of Cards while on Spring Break (released March 4th on Netflix)!

1. You see your friends roll up in the car:

2. You finally get to the hotel but you don’t hear anyone partying yet:

3. But then you get to the beach:

4. You see the hotel rules telling guests to keep quiet after 9:00pm:

5. When you see freshmen at the same party as you:

6. When a friend of a friend invites you to their Spring Break Party:

7. But then your friend bails after they've had too much to drink:

8. When you contemplate calling your ex after having too much to drink:

9. When you wake up the next morning and all you can think of is food:

10. Then you decide to head to the beach to catch some rays but people are still partying from the night before:

11. But then your friends end up joining the party:

12. After another day of partying, you finally decide, since all your friends are nearly asleep, that it’s finally time for you to fall asleep too:

13. At the end of the trip, you and your friends decide that you will never again speak of what happened on Spring Break: