San Juan Capistrano, CA – November 27, 2018 – Saddleback Valley Christian School has become the latest institution to enhance their pedagogical tools with the introduction of GradeSlam, an award-winning personalized online learning hub allows students access to a private tutoring 24/7.  

GradeSlam focuses on ensuring every student receives an equitable and personalized educational experience. Using a Socratic based learning method, GradeSlam helps guide students through their problem, rather than giving an answer right away. This approach promotes a philosophy of critical thinking, problem-solving, goal setting, and digital literacy - a skill set that cultivates the confidence needed for all students to succeed academically.  The program includes a chat room equipped with a digital whiteboard and file sharing option, an essay review section, a group messaging option for teamwork, and personalized office hours for teachers to communicate with the students after school hours. Combined, all these features will allow students to access the help they need at any time, removing any barriers to their scholastic success. Starting this year, the students at SVCS will benefit from the additional support of GradeSlam to help ensure they are best prepared for post-graduation endeavours whether it is the workplace or Higher Education.

The initiative has been championed by Saddleback Valley Christian School’s High School Principal Rod Markum, with the support of Dean of Academics, Trish Bergen. Markum has been credited with bringing many innovative initiatives to the school over the years and under his leadership, the school has shown true determination to adapt to the modern day student’s needs. “As the first independent school in the region to provide unlimited personalized learning support to its students, Rod and Trish further demonstrate their true commitment to providing students with every opportunity to succeed while considerably reducing teachers’ stress,” says Jacob Geller, Director of Partnership at GradeSlam.  “We are extremely proud to be able to partner with such progressive schools and leaders that put the students first.”

SVCS’s introduction of GradeSlam’s personalized academic support hub strengthens its current position as leaders in the California education ecosystem, but also created a new benchmark and standard for other schools across the country. This year, Saddleback Valley will be joining other innovative educational institutions such as Irvine USD, Laguna Beach USD and Oaks Christian School amongst others with unlimited access to GradeSlam’s personalized Learning hub.

About GradeSlam

GradeSlam provides students with unlimited one-to-one online tutoring for any subject, at any time. At GradeSlam, educators make students better learners by providing contextualized feedback on precisely where the student went wrong in the learning process and guiding them towards a deeper understanding of the problem. As all of the tutoring sessions are recorded and analyzed, GradeSlam equips teachers with a formal record of their student’s learning outside of the classroom, completing the learning feedback loop.

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Anne-Sophie Bolduc, Marketing Manager - GradeSlam