Waking up is hard...especially if you only went to bed at 3:00 am because of an assignment due the next day. To make things a little easier, we have compiled a list of amazingly creative ways to set your alarm (and make sure you actually wake up once it goes off). These methods might not make you any more awake in the morning but they will get you out of bed. And besides, there’s coffee for that.

1. Carrot Alarm

What better way to be woken up than by the sound of actual human voices? When you set your alarm using the Carrot Alarm app and it goes off, a human voice wakes you up with her singing and witty dialogue. If you still refuse to get up, then she will make you carry out some household chores before you’re able to turn the alarm off.

2. Wake Me Up!

Wake Me Up is a very versatile app, allowing you to set whichever alarm functions you like. If you know it’s going to be a particularly difficult morning you can put it in ‘Evil Mode’ which turns the snooze button off, or you can add several steps that must be completed before the alarm will turn off.

3. Okite

Okite is a Japanese app that will post an embarrassing tweet on your twitter account everytime you hit the snooze button. Pretty good incentive to wake up, no?

4. Gun & Target Alarm Clock

This physical alarm clock requires you to grab the “gun” from the holster and shoot it at a very specific target. It’s quite difficult to do so it requires all of a person’s concentration and energy to hit the target accurately (ensuring you wake up).

5. Money-Shredding Alarm Clock

This device is exactly as the name suggests. Before going to bed it requires you to place a bill inside the clock. When it goes off, if you refuse to wake up or hit the snooze button, the alarm clock will slowly start shredding the bill into small pieces. This might seem like nothing to Americans using $1 bills but to a Canadian, this means $5 is at stake minimum.

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