Hooray! The long winter is finally coming to an end (hopefully) and what better way to celebrate the end of the season than to go on vacation over Spring Break. Whether you’re heading down to Florida or getting in one last ski weekend in the mountains, we’ve created a how-to guide that will ensure you don’t fall behind in your studies while travelling over Spring Break. Bon voyage!

TIP # 1: Digitize Everything

To avoid exceeding the weight limit when flying to your destination, be sure to type up your notes, and scan or take pictures of any documents you might need to work on an assignment over the break. The last thing you want is to be carrying numerous textbooks, binders, and pieces of paper around with you. Instead, make sure everything is on your laptop ahead of time.

TIP #2: Work Off Of Google Drive

This is particularly useful if you have to work on a group project over break. Google Docs automatically saves everything you type as you’re typing it. In addition, multiple people can all be working on a document at once and see the changes other group members are making in real-time. The automatic save feature is especially useful as you won’t have to save it and send it to your group members via email if you just NEED to dart off to the pool last minute.

TIP #3: Download Communication Apps

Speaking of group projects, before you go on holidays, whether you’re leaving the country or not, it’s best to download apps that will allow you to communicate with others using only WiFi. This will prevent you from racking up roaming and international calling fees, while ensuring you can communicate with everyone you need to just as easily as if you were still at home. Viber, Skype, What’s App and Google Hangouts are all great examples of apps that will allow you to text, call and video conference with friends from home.

TIP #4: Use An Online Tutor

If you’re not already using an online tutor (and if you’re not, then you should be), now is a great time to sign up for an online tutoring service. Online tutors can help you no matter where you are which is what makes them perfect for when you’re travelling over Spring Break. Services like GradeSlam even have tutors online 24/7, allowing you log on anytime and speak to a tutor instantly, without booking a session in advance. This is perfect for a hectic, family vacation schedule. If you only have 30 minutes to study between scheduled activities, GradeSlam allows you to log on and speak with someone for exactly 30 minutes (or more, or less, if your schedule changes).

TIP #5: Study On The Way To/From Your Destination

On the way there, you might be so excited to arrive that you don’t even want to think about studying, but try and suppress that urge. This is the perfect time for studying as there’s no chance of being interrupted by an impromptu activity. Take advantage of the travel time as you’re likely to be too exhausted to study by the time you arrive at your destination. If you have internet access, create a study-friendly environment on the go with the help of Soundrown.

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