Procrastination is always the most tempting option when it comes to completing an assignment, but fortunately enough, college students are experts at it. Don’t let your procrastination get in the way of your grades. Every time a teacher warns “you can’t write this essay in one night,” think of it as a challenge. It IS possible to get straight A’s and be a procrastinator, and here’s how.

1. Create an ‘All-Nighter Survival Kit’

Your ‘All-Nighter Survival Kit’ should include the following items: Red Bull (or your prefered energy drink), a refrigerated Starbucks frappuccino (so you don’t even have to get up to get your caffeine fix), water, library-friendly snacks (granola bars, chocolate, nuts, etc…), one piece of fruit (give your brain a boost), a sweater and an extra pair of warm socks (you don’t want to be cold while trying to study). Creating an all-nighter survival kit will allow you to work as productively and efficiently as possible, minimizing the number of times you have to leave your laptop.

2. Have someone nearby you can ask last minute questions to

This is key. One bad thing about procrastination is that it’s usually too late to ask your teacher or professor a question if an issue arises. You may have your friends to ask but you run the risk of them not knowing, or them not being awake (depending on how late you’re studying). If your friends are asleep, another option is to ask a tutor. There are several online tutoring companies that offer instant homework help. For example, GradeSlam has tutors online 24/7 and runs on an online, on-demand platform, meaning no matter what time you log on, there will be a tutor available to speak with you instantly. Keep these options in mind so you don’t go into full-blown panic mode!

3. Be prepared for your procrastination

Yes, this may sound redundant as the point of procrastination is not to prepare, but I assure you, this is easy preparation. By ‘being prepared for your procrastination,’ I mean to make sure you get lots of sleep and eat properly a day or two before an assignment is due. Knowing you will be starting the assignment the night before, it’s important not to be completely sleep-deprived going into the all-nighter (since you surely will be afterwards!).

4. Procrastinate productively

This may be asking too much of you, but if possible try and procrastinate productively. If you’re someone who dreads the actually essay-writing component of an essay, then consider doing some research beforehand. This can be done bit by bit from the comfort of your bed. Enter a few keywords into Google and see what comes up. This will save you a lot of time in the long run and will get you thinking about your topic before you start writing (Google Scholar is a great search engine!).

5. Attend lectures

There’s nothing wrong with being a procrastinator, but if you never go to class and plan on working on every assignment last-minute, you may run into trouble. Attending class will at least give you a foundation on which to build your assignment. You don’t want to have to learn all of the material from scratch the same night that you have to write the essay - this will waste time that you don’t have.

6. Find procrastination friends

It doesn’t matter if they are in your class or not, it’s going to be very useful to have someone beside you in the wee hours of the morning. If they’re going to distract you, then maybe not so much. But if you’re both in the same boat and know you have less than 12 hours before your assignment is due, hopefully you will both be dedicated to working productively. Plus, you can take turns going for coffee or food runs (assuming you didn't create your ‘All-Nighter Survival Kit’).

7. Consider studying in the library (if it’s open 24 hours)

Studying in the library will not only give you peace and quiet, but there are thousands of resources at your disposal. If you’re writing any kind of research essay, you never know when you’ll need to consult a book (not everything is available on the internet!). Being at the library could be a major time-saver and could give your essay a major boost in terms of sources and credibility.

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