In 2003 The OC created the ultimate holiday for those of us that are both Jewish and Christian. This holiday, so aptly named by Seth Cohen, came to be known as Chrismukkah. No longer are you forced to answer this impossible question:

If you happen to be both Christian and Jewish, or simply love celebrating holidays, then this guide is for you!

1. Sassily accuse people of not being in the Chrismukkah spirit:

2. Pick out the perfect Chrismukkah tree:

3. Hang the stockings by the fireplace:

4. Make your very own yamaclause:

5. Ring the ceremonious Chrismukkah bell:

6. Send out the perfect Chrismukkah card:

7. Dress to the nines and invite two dates to your family’s Chrismukkah party:

8. Get in the wrapping zone:

And there you have it, Happy Chrismukkah!