With the AP Statistics exam less than a month away, you’re probably starting to freak out a little bit. That’s totally normal! But rest assured, you are not alone. In addition to your classmates who are going through the same thing as you, there is a whole community of former AP Stats students out there who want to help. Check out a few exam tips from former AP Stats students!

TIP #1: "I used Princeton Review for my review this year, and was really really prepared for the FRQ. Like, some of the practice FRQ were eerily similar to the actual FRQ. Khan Academy has some great statistics videos, and Learnerator has a comprehensive set of review questions from every part of the exam that I liked going over (I like Learnerator in general, YMMV)." - evelync

TIP #2: "Something important to know:
1. Small concepts like "why can't you use this kind of survey?", or "what's type two error and how to calculate it?" are important, don't ignore them.
2. Master your calculator. This'll save to sooo much time.
3. Keep your mind clear when learning all kinds of hypothesis tests. Know WHY to use WHAT formula, try explaining it to yourself or others till it really makes sense. (Our school offered an online class, so during the semester I was kinda confused by the two p-tests, but thankfully I figured it out yesterday, right before the exam. If you guys don't wanna be freaking out the night before, figure it out while you learn it).
4. Do a bunch of practice problems before the exam, do released MC questions, they WILL be helpful." - tina23

TIP #3: "I thought I killed the M/C portion but there's a lot of tricky answers and stuff so learning all the small stuff is really important. I didn't self study but if you do i would suggest either barons or kaplans. I had barons but I really only used kaplans because it simplified a lot of concepts. Next year if you study and understand hypothesis testing and probability you'll do fine." - CCSenioritis

TIP #4: "I have to warn you all that this is a whole new different world of math. This is not the typical "there's only one right answer" type of subject; statistics is more how you word things. You need to get your concepts down. Every single one of them. Know them, understand them, explore them in context. To me, the easiest portion of this course was the significance tests just because significance tests are very organized and step-oriented. tbh I hate the 4 step system. Use this 9 step system: 1. Define your parameters 2. State null hypothesis 3. State alternative hypothesis 4. State your significance level (WITH JUSTIFICATION, like "given in context of problem" or "standard accepted level") 5. State the test you will use and calculate your sample statistics 6. State whether your test meets the conditions (MOST IMPORTANT STEP) 7. Calculate your z, t, X^2, etc. & p-value (make sure you also STATE the formula for finding each one, and THEN do your calculations using your actual numbers) 8. DRAW A GRAPH!!! 9. i) State the inequality of p-value compared to your significance level ii) say "Reject" or "Do not reject" null hypothesis iii) There is evidence to support that blah blah blah." - Dorfdude8

TIP #5: "AP Statistics is not a hard course, given that you excel in Math. By excel in math, if you are in an upper-level math course (AP Calculus) and getting good grades, you will do similar or better in Statistics. The concepts are not obscure; most are simple concepts with new variables, which can get a little confusing. The AP exam this year was a breeze (in my opinion) but you do need some logic and reasoning skills." - MrWiggles

TIP #6: "This class is not too bad, but I did have an outstanding teacher. The exam was much easier than all of the practice we did. I agree with those above about getting Barron's--it is useful. However, I mainly used my notes for the AP exam, but my notes will not be the same as your notes. My teacher did a great job with his notes, so it prepared me more than anything. You'll be just fine if you do your homework and keep up with everything!" - PhilipL

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