Teachers and system administrators love Schoology because it's easy to add external tools. An external tool is an application teachers use with their students on their course page. Here’s how you can add an external tool in Schoology:

For System Administrators

1.  System Settings > Integrations > External Tools
2.  Click ‘Add External Tool Provider'
3. Fill in the following information:

Tool Name: What is the tool called?
Consumer Key:  What key did your tool provider send you?
Shared Secret: What shared secret did your tool provider send you?
Privacy Settings: What information do you want to share with your tool provider?
Configuration Type: What type of configuration is it? If your tool provider sent you an XML file, input the URL/XML code. If your tool provider did not, then select Manual.
Match By: Do you want the tool to automatically populate with the same data when a teacher adds the tool to their course?
Domain/URL: What URL did the tool provider send you?
Custom Parameters: What custom parameters did the tool provider send you?

Let’s go through the process of adding an external tool together using GradeSlam as the example.

Tool Name: GradeSlam
Consumer Key: GradeSlam sends you your own unique key
Shared Secret: GradeSlam sends you your own unique shared secret
Privacy Settings: Name, email
Configuration Type: Manual
Match By: URL
Domain/URL: https://gradeslam.org/lti/launch
Custom Parameters: None

For Teachers

After your system administrator has added the tool provider, you can add the tool to your own course. Just follow these directions:

1.  Materials > Add Materials > Add File/Link/External Tool
2.  Click 'External Tool'
3.  Select the tool provider

Have any questions about external tools or LTI integrations? Check out our article on everything you need to know about LTI integrations or email our support team at help@gradeslam.org.