OnCampus makes it easy for administrators to add learning tools to courses. Learning tools (or external tools) are applications and content that teachers can add to their course pages. Here’s the information you’ll need to add a learning tool in OnCampus:

1.  Click Core > Settings > Learning Tools
2.  Click Add Provider > Other Provider
4.  Fill in the following:

Name: What is the tool called?
Description: What does the tool do?
Status: Do you want your students to see the app right away?
Privacy: What information do you need to share with the app provider?
Available On: Where do you want students to see the link to the tool?
Credential Type: Per link is usually the default. Your vendor will specify if it needs to be changed.
Custom Parameters: Did your tool provider tell you to add any custom parameters? (Usually you do not add any)
Launch URL: What’s the URL to connect to the website? Be sure to include https:// in the URL or you may get a blank page.
Consumer Key: What key did your tool provider send you?
Shared Secret: What shared secret did your tool provider send you?

Let’s go through the process of adding an external tool together using GradeSlam as the example:

Name: GradeSlam
Description: Online tutoring, homework help, and essay review.
Status: Active

  • Always Send Username
  • Always Send User Email
  • Always Send User Role

Available On: Topics, Assignments
Credential Type: Per link
Custom Parameters: None
Launch URL:  https://gradeslam.org/LTI/launch
Consumer Key:  GradeSlam sends you your own unique key
Shared Secret: GradeSlam sends you your own unique shared secret