External tools are learning applications that you can add for your students on Canvas. You can add external tools to the course navigation or as a module.

Here's how to add an external tool in Canvas to your course:

1.  Click Settings in the left sidebar of your course
2.  Go to Apps > Add New App
3.  Fill in the following information:

Configuration Type: What type of configuration does the app require?
Consumer Key:  What key did your tool provider send you?
Shared Secret: What shared secret did your tool provider send you?
Config URL: What’s the URL given by the tool provider?

This information will be given to you by your tool provider. Once you’ve added the external tool, the app will appear in the course content.

Let’s go through the process of adding an external tool together using GradeSlam as the example:

Configuration Type:
Consumer Key:  GradeSlam sends you your own unique shared key
Shared Secret: GradeSlam sends you your own unique shared secret
Config URL: https://gradeslam.org/LTI/launch

Another way you can add an external tool in Canvas is by adding the tool as a class Module. This is a great way to open the app in a new tab and continue using Canvas at the same time.

1.  To add your tool as a module, follow these instructions:
2.  Go to Course Navigation > Modules > Add Module Item
3.  Click the Plus button to add the item
4.  Select External Tool from the drop-down menu
5.  Select the external tool you want to add
6.  Click Add Item

Now you’ll see your new external tool alongside the other modules in your course.

Have any questions about external tools or LTI integrations? Check out our article on everything you need to know about LTI integrations or email our support team at help@gradeslam.org.