From 24/7 Live One-to-One Help, to Essay Review, to In-Depth Analytics, GradeSlam does a lot of things. We spend a lot of time talking about all of these amazing tools and uses, but we think it is just as important to spend some time talking about what GradeSlam does NOT do.

GradeSlam does NOT give answers to students

We get asked about this all of the time, and it’s totally fair! Educators want to make sure that GradeSlam won’t be giving answers to their students. GradeSlam is here to support students, not help them cheat or take shortcuts. GradeSlam educators help students work through their problems, but will never outright give them an answer. If a student continues to insist for answers and shortcuts, their classroom teacher will be notified through our Flagging function.

GradeSlam does NOT write essays for students

Writing is one of the most important skills that all students need to learn and this is why we built our 24-Hour Essay Review Tool. But don’t worry, our writing specialists aren’t there to write essays for students, they are there to help! Our GradeSlam writing team will be looking out for grammar, syntax, structure and flow and leaving comments for the student (and teachers) to take a look at!

GradeSlam does NOT replace classroom teachers

Our GradeSlam educators do a lot… but we know that they could never replace the awesome classroom teachers at your school! Think of GradeSlam as an extension of your existing teaching force, an extra tool and resource designed to support your classroom teachers. We’re not looking to replace any classroom teachers, we are here to help them bring a more personalized learning experience to all their students.

GradeSlam does NOT share private information

At GradeSlam, we understand how important privacy and personal information is and that is why we are committed to never sharing any personal information of our partner schools and organizations. As proud signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge, we have committed to upholding the highest standard of digital privacy and conduct.

GradeSlam does NOT tolerate any cyber bullying
It is very important to us that GradeSlam always remains a platform where students feel safe and comfortable learning. That is why we never have and never will tolerate any cyber bullying on GradeSlam. Our tutors are trained to be on the lookout for any worrisome behavior and language and can make use of the flagging feature to bring potential issues to the attention of students teachers and administrators.

GradeSlam does NOT just let anyone become a tutor

The problem with other online tutoring companies in the past is that they would just let anyone sign up to be a tutor. This concept didn’t make any sense to us at GradeSlam and that is why all of the GradeSlam educators are actual employees of the company and all pass through a rigorous multi-step evaluating and training process. You can learn more about GradeSlam’s Educator Certification Process.

GradeSlam does NOT create extra work for teachers

As we mentioned before, we are here to support teachers! GradeSlam does not require teachers to put in any data or information, we take care of all that. Teachers can use GradeSlam as frequently or infrequently as they desire. The actionable and intelligible learning reports on their students will always be available to them, whenever they have time to check them out.

So that is what GradeSlam does not do. To learn more about what GradeSlam does do, check out our article on the importance of technology in learning.