June has finally arrived! For us in the north, that means warm weather and outdoor activities. For most students, it means the school year is winding down – and EXAMS are right around the corner. Don’t worry, we’ve got all your tutoring needs covered.

STUDY MUSIC: During exam prep we need all the help we can get and for many of us that means zoning out what is happening around us. Our good friends at Songza have put together a pretty awesome EDM Instrumental playlist that is perfect for studying.

FREE INSTANT TUTORING: So maybe you are one of those late adopters who hasn’t tried GradeSlam NOW, our on-demand instant tutoring option. No worries, we are offering one hour FREE with the promo code GSNOW25 – seriously, try it right now.

GET MICRO-SCHOLARSHIPS: Post-secondary education can be very costly, but a San Francisco company is trying to reduce that price tag. Raise.Me gives students in high school the opportunity to get micro-scholarships for different high school achievements. An awesome platform every family should be using! Oh and by the way... its FREE!

MAY'S HOTTEST TUTOR: May was another super busy month for our tutors. Special shout-out goes to Chloe Sholl. Chloe helped students with their high school math and science courses and has a PERFECT 5* rating. If you need some help Chloe is your girl.

OTHER TOP TUTORS: With the launch of GradeSlamNOW tutoring, we have seen a few tutors really shine. Mohamad Ramadan is a math wiz - helping HS students with their trig and algebra problems. Meanwhile, Ali K (chem, physics) recently received the following review “incredibly smart, like a little genius!!!!” That’s right… GENIUS. Your personal genius.

AWESOME FREE LEARNING TOOL: Last month we were at the EdSurge LA Teacher Summit and had the chance to see some pretty awesome tools to help students learn. This month we are showcasing Solvy. Solvy makes learning math engaging and fun. They have recently launched their Beta and will be rolling out a full version shortly – they also have a snazzy product video.