Whenever I introduce GradeSlam to our partner schools, I always hold a Q&A to answer questions from teachers. Last year, the top question we got was “Can I use GradeSlam to chat with my students?” I would always smile and respond, “No, but that’s a great idea.”

This summer, our team was hard at work making that great idea into a reality. Today, I’m very excited to announce that we have officially launched GradeSlam Office Hours Beta.

Teachers can now set online office hours using their teacher dashboard on GradeSlam. During these designated office hours, students can log on and chat directly with their teachers. Teachers can open the office hours up for all students or restrict it to specific classes.

The classroom has the same functionalities as the tutor classroom, so students and teachers can message each other, upload files or photos of their work, and use the digital whiteboard.

Keep reading below to see how students and teachers can get started using office hours. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we'd love to hear from you! Send an email to adoption@gradeslam.org

Here's how it works for teachers

Here's how teachers can start their office hours

Here's how students can go to their teacher's office hours