Over the last few months we have developed what users are labeling “Khan Academy meets Amazon”. Essentially by combining Youtube’s video management, Facebook’s messaging, Stack Overflow’s user community, and a booking system like no other, GradeSlam is ready to reshape the online education and tutoring industry. Finally after all this hard work, we are only days away from opening to public test users.

January was again a very busy month at GradeSlam. We are pleased to have added five new partner universities including the University of North Carolina and York University. On Thursday, January 30th, GradeSlam will be introduced to select students from McGill’s Faculty of Education, making them the first public users of GradeSlam.

The scale to which our project will impact education around the world is incredible. We thank everyone who has made a contribution to our crowdfunding campaing. When our test platform launches to the outside public in the next two weeks, we are hoping to begin leaving our lasting mark on the education of students worldwide.

As always, we welcome any inquiries, comments, or questions.