Wow, we have had a busy summer here at GradeSlam. In April we launched the first online platform that allows parents and students to sample tutors before booking. Parent and student feedback was astounding. As said by one of our parents, “Booking without knowing the tutor’s teaching style is like buying a car without taking it for a test drive! How could anyone not love this feature?”. That was just the tip of the iceberg.

National Attention

GradeSlam was featured nationwide on CBC’s The National, Canada’s most watched evening news program, as part of their story on the evolving tutoring market. To watch the full segment visit -

Investment Arrives

With generous support from the Centre Local de Développement (CLD) Les 3 Monts, GradeSlam has been able to scale up operations. With this investment, GradeSlam will be able to release their latest product in mid-October.


GradeSlam has many exciting partnerships established including one with to provide comprehensive background checks on our tutors.

Finally, I always like to end off with Thank You’s to everyone who continues to support us. Special thanks to Guy Bazinet and Sylvie Rouanet of the CLD 3Monts, Thomas Daigle, The Essaris Family, The Garber Family, Raj Patel of Explora Phones, Gordon Dean of EdSurge and Sergio Escobar.

Don’t forget to mark October 15th in your calendar, this type of announcement doesn’t come often.