With exam season upon us and the end of FounderFuel in sight, we have all been working tirelessly to make sure GradeSlam is the best it can be! November was another busy month - filled with meetings, phone calls, presentations, and partnerships! Read below for a more detailed description of what the GradeSlam team has been up to recently:

1. Demo Day: GradeSlam rocked FounderFuel’s Demo Day this past week. The team had been working on perfecting our pitch for months and our hard work definitely paid off. It was an amazing and rewarding day. You can check out my pitch here.

2. In App Integrations: GradeSlam is proud to have announced their first in-app integration. Partnering with Studyo, The Agenda for the App Generation, that is used by over tens of thousands of students in North America, GradeSlam will immediately be available to help students in real time as they work on their homework assignments. This is the first integration of its type for GradeSlam, with many more on the way in the coming months.

3. Partnerships with Universities: In the last month, GradeSlam established partnerships with several universities and colleges across North America and is proud to be their 24/7 tutoring solution. These partnerships give GradeSlam unprecedented exposure with hundreds of thousands of university students.

5. The Changing Trends of User Interface: Recent research suggests a new focus on messaging interfaces as the most popular amongst users. Nowadays, 90% of people use texting on a weekly basis, which has prompted a rise in the number of chat-based services. User interfaces of several apps and websites are starting to revolve around one single messaging screen. TechCrunch has published an article on chat-based communication as the way of the future, and venture capital has increasingly been backing companies utilizing a single interface. In essence, GradeSlam is ahead of the curve!

A sincere thank you for your support of GradeSlam. We wouldn’t be where we are right now without you. Stay tuned until next month, and Happy Holidays!


Phil & The GradeSlam Team


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