Monday morning class and Game of Thrones...pretty much total opposites. Monday morning class is the worst and Game of Thrones is the best (less than 2 months until the Season 6 premiere!).

1. When your alarm goes off and you question why you ever scheduled a morning class on a Monday:

2. When you finally get out of bed and realize your roommate drank the last of the coffee:

3. When you finally leave the house but walking is difficult so all you can say to yourself is:

4. When you meet your friend in class and they brought you Starbucks:

5. When a super peppy girl walks into class and is just way too cheery for a Monday morning:

6. Your brain is absorbing nothing so you and your friend turn to other antics:

7. When that one kid in class won’t stop interrupting to ask dumb questions:

8. Your professor announces he has a meeting to run to so he will be ending class 5 minutes early:

9. And you and your friend immediately give each other this look:

10. After what feels like days, the class is finally over:

11. Then you go do what you’ve been wanting to do all morning, jump into your beautiful bed:

12. In conclusion: