FETC 2016 is officially over! Woke up to the rain but it had stopped by the afternoon and I was able to enjoy one last warm, sunny day before heading back to Montreal.

I spent the morning catching up with some really awesome educators like Monica Burns of ClassTechTips.com.

During the day I was back-in-action at the GradeSlam booth, and after the conference I had the opportunity to relax a bit and hang out with some of the new ed-tech friends I had made.

In the evening, I went to dinner with one of GradeSlam’s partners. We went to a restaurant called Tu Tu Tango and I would highly recommend it if you’re ever in Orlando.

Overall, it was a great conference. I really did not know what to expect before arriving, but now I know it’s definitely a must for anyone in the ed-tech world. I can’t wait to go back in 2017.

Ultimately, a great start to 2016!

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