Valentine’s Day is pretty much the worst. In addition to what everyone says about it being a holiday created by greeting card companies, for single people, it’s a day crafted to remind you how lonely you truly are. Try not to let it bother you, and do your best to let it pass as though February 14th is nothing more than any old day of the month. For those that do let it get you down, here’s something to make you laugh (hopefully):

1. When you see the Valentine’s section of the drug store:

2. And you see couples walking hand-in-hand on Valentine’s Day:

3. When you start to see Valentine’s dates on Instagram:

4. And worst of all, marriage proposals clogging up your Facebook newsfeed:

5. When you see the sickeningly sweet stuffed animals for sale:

6. When you see all the people lining up to buy roses on Valentine’s Day:

7. But then, the shiny beacon of hope, the day after Valentine’s Day:

8. Because all the chocolate is half price:

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Happy Valentine’s Day!