This holiday season, give your child a gift that they will enjoy playing with but that will also educate them. All of the gifts on this list are sure to inspire creativity, innovation, and a love of various educational subjects including art, history, archaeology, space, and forensic science. Whether your child has already shown a keen interest in one of these areas or not, these games will be sure to catch their attention!

1. Kidizoom Smart Watch

The Kidizoom Smart Watch is designed perfectly for kids of all ages. The watch has the ability to take pictures and record audio and video. It also has four learning games from Learning Lodge already built in. And, kids can choose what design they want on the face of the watch, including the choice of how to display the time (use analogue to have the added bonus of teaching your child how to tell time).

2. Crime Scene Science Kit

The Crime Scene Science Kit is perfect for a science-lover. This kit puts your child right in the centre of the C.S.I. action. Your child will have the ability to learn about forensic science, and solve a case in the meantime! In order to discover which suspect is guilty, they must complete seven projects that include a simulated blood type analysis, a fingerprint analysis, and chromatography.

3. National Geographic Archaeology Kit: Egyptian Pyramid

National Geographic's Archaeology Kit: Egyptian Pyramid will allow your child to learn about both history and archaeology. They must first decipher the hieroglyphics in order to unlock the pyramid, before using proper excavation tools to excavate a sarcophagus with a preserved mummy hidden inside. You can expect your child to have a keen interest in Ancient Egypt and be an expert in excavation, mummification, and pyramid construction after playing with this kit.

4. Interactive Touch Pad World Map

Whether your child is already interested in geography or not, this is an excellent way to teach them about the geography of the world. By simply touching a country or region on the Interactive Touch Pad World Map, they will learn facts about different parts of the world, and then be able to quiz themselves with over 1,000 quiz questions stored inside.

5. Auntie Pasta’s Fraction Game

Auntie Pasta’s Fraction Game is a fun time for the whole family, but is also especially helpful if you have a child struggling with math. Each player is given several pizza slices with a fraction on the back and it is up to you to figure out which pie they fit with! Perfect for introducing your child to fractions.

6. Space Kit

This Space Kit is a little bit more expensive, but it allows your child to make their very own Mars Rover AND features activities designed by actual NASA scientists. Perfect for a child that shows a keen interest in space science. This toy is fairly complex and as such is suitable for children ages 10+.

7. Make Your Own Snow Globe

Seedling’s Make Your Own Snow Globe is great for a creative spirit. The kit allows your child to make their own figurine out of clay to go inside the snowglobe, and then they add the water and glitter themselves to make the snow!

8. Animate It!

Animate It! is great for all children. It inspires creativity, art, and teaches them a bit about animation in film. This game teaches the basics of stop motion animation and allows kids to make their very own animated movie. It includes computer animation software and modeling clay. Animate It! is sure to stimulate your child’s imagination!

9. Disruptus

Disruptus is the perfect game for family game night! It inspires innovation and creativity, and has even been used by entrepreneurs and companies in problem-solving workshops. The winner of various awards for best toy of the year in 2013, Disruptus asks kids to create something new out of various objects they see on a card. It’s sure to get the creative juices flowing!