The Truth About Homework for Parents and Students

I remember feeling very alone with my homework. I would sit there reading the same lines in the textbook over and over again, trying to make sense out of how trigonometry was supposed to help me figure how far some fake cruise ship had traveled. The frustration and feeling of being alone still upsets me to this day, it’s not how students should feel when they're trying to learn.

Why doesn't technology make homework less stressful?

Despite their techy resources, students today are just as frustrated as I was all those years ago.  Instead of pouring over their textbook for hours, they're watching how-to videos on Youtube or Khan Academy. Even worse, some students have figured out how to get the answer without doing any work at all. They use apps like Wolfpham Alpha or websites where they pay strangers to do their homework for them - which goes against everything that education is truly about.

If you're a teacher, you’re the one who gets blindsided. Your students appear to do well on their homework, and then suddenly do poorly on a test and you’re left trying to figure out where things went wrong. Teachers are faced with students who have lost motivation because they spent all night studying and still don’t understand how to get the answer.  

So what can we do to help?

Technology should help students learn more efficiently and effectively - not just give them answers.  When students are stuck on a homework question and message a tutor for help on GradeSlam, the personalized support makes the student more confident in their own ability to work through a problem. We have seen students become more engaged in class, improve their grades, and stop using tools like Wolfphram Alpha.

How can I get my students using GradeSlam?

If you're a teacher, you can introduce GradeSlam to your students through a GradeSlam Class Launch. Take 5-10 minutes during class and have your students log on and ask a question. By logging on and messaging a tutor themselves, students experience firsthand how easy it is to ask for help and become comfortable using GradeSlam at home.

How do I schedule my GradeSlam Class Launch?

  1. Book a time for your GradeSlam Class launch
  2. During the launch, tell your students to open GradeSlam and message a tutor
  3. A GradeSlam representative will be with you (virtually) throughout the launch. You can reach them by email, text, or phone throughout your designated launch period.