GradeSlam is in FounderFuel! We are halfway into our second week, and loving every minute. In case you missed yesterday's post, catch up now!

Thoughts on Day 9 from the Founder & CEO of GradeSlam, Phil Cutler:

I was at Dawson College at 7AM prepping for another day of our onsite marketing. The promo team gave out 1,250 promo cards in 45 minutes.

Back at the office, we welcomed our new employee, Frances. Today was her first day so we set her up with everything she needed to get started.

Later this morning, I met with Sylvain Carle where we discussed a number of important issues. He talked about frequency which is a big thing because we have grappled with the idea of how much frequency is good. Like a gym, there are going to be some members who subscribe but rarely use it, how do we take them into account? The discussion evolved around engagement, something we are very focused on.

We had a lunch with BDO partner Matt Harrison. BDO is one of the partner firms that works with FounderFuel and they have an awesome program for young startups.

In the afternoon we put our heads down and just caught up on a lot of stuff we needed to.

There was a team dinner at 5PM (Japanese). Many of our team members went, but in my true networking CEO nature, I was off to the CIX talk between iNovia’s David Nault and Lightspeed’s CEO Dax Dasilva. At the talk, I was also able to catch up with a number of people. It’s always great to see young entrepreneurs looking to get into the startup world.

I then had the fortune of going to a concert with one of my closest mentors. Great evening and a great show by The Franklin Electric!

General Mood: 8

Fatigue: 8

Daily Progress: 9

Team Size: 7