If you haven’t heard by now, GradeSlam’s in FounderFuel!

Thoughts on Day 3 from the Founder & CEO of GradeSlam, Phil Cutler:

Thursday started with another early morning. I spent my first hour observing the trends of students/parents as they managed morning traffic and school arrival. Somewhat creepy, but overall pretty important for one of our projects.

At the office I had some calls set up to move the product into some new locations. All were quite positive with feedback really highlighting the fact that this is such an easy service to use. Nothing makes a CEO happier than users actually saying this relieves a pain point. +1 on the morale meter.

The only FounderFuel event on the schedule was a meeting with JS Cournoyer. JS offered some great insight. We talked about credibility and how important that is. He also suggested we come up with a story for each vertical we are trying to reach, and to own that story. We had some other marketing related discussions as well. With a marketing advisory board meeting later in the evening, some of these convos were well timed.

The afternoon was spent doing interviews for various administrative positions we have to fill ASAP. The team is growing quickly and we need the absolute best people.

I also had the chance to meet with an aspiring young entrepreneur looking to start her own business. Something similar to my initial tutoring service whose website can still be seen online. For her sake I won’t include her name, but the business has great potential. In FounderFuel you get used to meeting with mentors and advisors on a regular basis, and you really see what qualities make up the good ones and the bad ones. I’d like to think this reflection helps me as I mentor a number of young businesses.

Finally we had our marketing advisory board meet in the Notman meeting room (significantly more spacious than our hospital patient rooms). A lot of ideas and brainstorming and we came away with some clarity in how we wanted to reach different verticals.

Meanwhile, the press has been highly interested in a new pay-by-plate parking meter system that I passed Tuesday night at City Council. Naturally a number of interviews were in order, so a full suit was the dress of the day.

Oh - and I restocked my coconut water supply.

NFL season starts tonight and I’ll be here in the office until late. No rest for the weary.

General Mood: 7/10

Fatigue: 2/10

Daily Progress: 9/10

Team Size: 6

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