GradeSlam is officially three weeks into FounderFuel (the Accelerator Program run by Real Ventures). To get a feel for the startup life, check out our daily posts!

Thoughts on Day 21 from the Founder & CEO of GradeSlam, Phil Cutler:

We kicked things off with some individual meetings within GradeSlam to discuss what our own goals and objectives were for the week. Next we held our typical 10am "standup" when we discuss what everyone would be working on.

Lunch was provided by AWS who had come into to Montreal from NYC to learn about the needs of the startups and how they could help us achieve those goals. Through FounderFuel there are some awesome credits available (100k over 1 year or 15k over two years) just to use the AWS server to host our sites.

The media is starting to chat about GradeSlam and we have been getting inquiries on an almost daily basis for interviews or more information. Momentum is moving fast. We had one of those such interviews on Monday.

The formal part of the day finished with a talk about growth by Ian Jeffrey. Ian is someone I respect enormously. He has this incredible mind and understanding of business and startups. If you haven't read some of his posts on growth you absolutely should. He's the man.

We worked pretty late into the evening getting some final changes done in order to ship early on Tuesday. Monday is also typically a busy day in the tutoring world.

The later part of the evening was spent reworking the pitch ahead of Tuesday's Panel Review. I'll explain what this is in more detail tomorrow. But things get serious in the panel review so you need to show up ready to rock & roll!

General Mood: 9

Fatigue: 2

Daily Progress: 9

Team Size: 7