(A short recap for those of you that didn't read yesterday's post - GradeSlam has been hand-picked to participate in Real Ventures 90-Day Accelerator Program, FounderFuel. FounderFuel is an intensive, mentor-driven program that will help GradeSlam grow as a company, and GradeSlam's CEO is chronicling the whole adventure!)

Thoughts on Day 2 from the Founder & CEO of GradeSlam, Phil Cutler:

I was in early again - around 8AM. I completed everything I needed to do.

The morning was spent reworking my pitch based on the comments that were given to me at the Pitch Competition yesterday.

Later in the morning, I met with Sylvain Carle. It was a pretty informal chat but great to get his opinion on GradeSlam and some of the new changes since we had last spoke.

In the afternoon I had several meetings, with my own team as well as with others. The GradeSlam team is currently focused on developing and implementing our marketing strategy. For the last couple of weeks, we have been brainstorming ideas for both offline and online marketing. This week we continued our offline strategy of having our onsite promo team visit schools in downtown Montreal and speak to students about GradeSlam. We’ve definitely started getting the attention of some of the major universities and colleges in Montreal. It’s a good first step.  

My next big step in the program is a little more difficult. I didn’t come up with an answer today but I need to determine which metrics we should focus on.

General Mood: 6/10 (average)
Fatigue: 3/10 (not tired)
Daily Progress: 4/10 (minimal)
Team Size: 6

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