Day 18! GradeSlam is 2.5 weeks into FounderFuel (an Accelerator Program for startups run by Real Ventures). If you missed it, read yesterday's post now!

Thoughts on Day 18 from the Founder & CEO of GradeSlam, Phil Cutler:

On Friday everyone was back in the office early to follow up with some mentors and keep the momentum moving forward. If there is one thing that I have realized over the last 6 months, momentum is everything.

Week 3 was an important one for us at GradeSlam - we made some major enhancements to the website and are running a number of different tests. So far, we have been able to meet almost all of our weekly objectives. If this continues, we will see some incredible progress over the FounderFuel program. I spent the afternoon working on refining the pitch based on the feedback we received yesterday. My goal is to tell a story that everyone can understand and relate to.

General Mood: 8

Fatigue: 4

Daily Progress: 7

Team Size: 7