GradeSlam is officially 17 days into FounderFuel (run by Real Ventures). And remember, check out yesterday's post!

Thoughts on Day 17 from the Founder & CEO of GradeSlam, Phil Cutler:

The team was ready to go in the morning. Saad finalized the design for our new pitch deck and we sent it to Sylvain to be added to the master deck. We've decided to start having a fixed meeting each morning at 10am. The team has grown so much the last few weeks, and I feel it's necessary to have everyone on the same page. The meeting takes a pretty simple format. Everyone goes around the table with their priority for the day (deliverables) and then anything they need from someone else around the table.

We decided it was best that Roberto not attend the round table events at Mentor Day. We need to ship code and make more changes and his time needs to be spent hacking vs interacting with mentors - at least for the time being.

The Mentor Day event starts off with each team pitching to the room of roughly 60 mentors. This is the foundation for the comments they will provide to the teams. After the pitches each team rotates to 7 different tables of mentors where they stay for 20-30 minutes receiving feedback.

The pitch came off smoothly - I felt I hit every major point and put all the recent feedback from the FounderFuel team into it. One big take away I think both our team and the FounderFuel team realized (after hearing feedback from the mentors) was that maybe we need to simplify and make the whole GradeSlam process crystal clear- don't assume the audience knows anything about the industry.

The feedback was great - it was impressive to see how many of the mentors were passionate about helping the businesses grow. I was able to follow up with a dozen or so mentors after the event. The "speed dating" format of the event makes it feel like a blitz. Being from Montreal, I already knew a number of the mentors which I thought was great. All in all it was a very valuable event for us and I hope that I can give something back to these mentors.

General Mood: 9

Fatigue: 2

Daily Progress: 8

Team Size: 7