Now that GradeSlam is in FounderFuel, things are getting pretty crazy. The Accelerator Program run by Real Ventures has us working harder than ever before and we are writing daily updates! If you haven't had the chance to read it yet, be sure to check out yesterday's post!

Thoughts on Day 15 from the Founder & CEO of GradeSlam, Phil Cutler:

Today was head down grinding. The whole team was on point going all out.

We focused on shipping code and getting up some different experiments by design.

The afternoon was spent compiling all the existing data that we have in order to drill down on specific numbers regarding use. For example, how often are students using GradeSlam and for how long? Jason and I spent most of the afternoon analyzing this information and extrapolating the data into our model. I wish I could share more about it, but what I can say is that the data not only supports our assumptions but is more appealing than originally hypothesized.

I finished up our Back-To-School update newsletter that went out to our mentors, advisors, investors, etc. to keep them up to date on our growth.

We rounded off the day with some onsite promo (changes to come for that, too).

General Mood: 9

Fatigue: 3

Daily Progress: 6

Team Size: 7