GradeSlam is in FounderFuel (run by Real Ventures), and we are writing daily updates! In case you missed it, be sure to check out yesterday's post!

Thoughts on Day 13 from the Founder & CEO of GradeSlam, Phil Cutler:

Sunday’s typically pick up a bit on the academic front (students doing their homework Sunday night before school on Monday). Our tutors are in full gear and have been great at communicating with each other, helping to streamline the whole process. The tutoring team is growing rapidly with another round of hiring taking place this weekend. It’s a big team and Jason’s really been on top of everything.

My goal for this week is to amp everything up. The development team has been working like crazy, we have started brainstorming some great marketing strategies with our new Director of Marketing, and we have made some changes to the way our onsite promo operates (really hoping this will ramp up GS Promo).

I received some exciting news today - an article for Mixte Magazine, in which myself and GradeSlam were featured, was published.

General Mood: 9

Fatigue: 2

Daily Progress: 5

Team Size: 7