Just less than two weeks ago, GradeSlam began a 90-Day Accelerator Program called FounderFuel (run by Real Ventures). We have now officially moved into Notman House and are loving every minute! Phil Cutler, the CEO of GradeSlam, has decided to chronicle the entire FounderFuel adventure. For those that missed yesterday's post, check it out.

Thoughts on Day 10 from the Founder & CEO of GradeSlam, Phil Cutler:

My day started at 7AM. We had promo teams out again.

I had an important meeting at 8:45AM. Then I shot over to Notman house for our office hours with the Real Ventures team. Today we were speaking with Sam Haffar. Sam is an accomplished edtech entrepreneur who was part of the founding team at Chegg and helped Kno scale. Sam sat down with our team to discuss a number of important metrics and what is and isn't important at this stage of the business.

After the conversation we were all on the same page and things started to move fast in the office. We were focused on shipping code and making some important design changes to allow us to start A/B testing important areas.

You can say the highlight of my day came when a friend of mine messaged me with a picture of a GradeSlam promo card that had been left on the table in one of the study halls.

General Mood: 8

Fatigue: 6

Daily Progress: 7

Team Size: 7