So, what do non-partiers do on a Saturday night?

1. "I hang out with my friends (in low-key places)"

Just because someone doesn’t like going to parties doesn’t mean they are an introvert or don’t like to be sociable. Some people just prefer hanging out in smaller groups or doing other fun activities such as trying new restaurants or going to movies.

2. "I get ahead in my studies"

Sometimes the best time to study is when everyone has left your dorm to go to a party. There’s no time quite as silent. This is not to say that all non-partiers spend Saturday evening studying - but it is an option if you’re having a particularly stressful week at university. Another way non-partiers get ahead in their studying is when their fellow classmates are hungover in the morning, allowing them to get an early start on homework.

3. "I put my pajamas on by 9:00pm"

Perhaps one of the best perks about being a non-partier is that you get to wear the comfiest clothes possible. Since you’re not going out, you can get into your pjs whenever the mood strikes you. Rather than spending hours getting ready and wearing a dress with shoes that hurt your feet for the evening, you get to curl up in your bed with your softest sweatpants and coziest sweater.

4. "I wake up Sunday morning feeling refreshed and invigorated"

Unlike the majority of college students, non-partiers don’t feel absolutely awful on a Sunday morning. Rather than wasting hours trying to get rid of a headache, you have the ability to wake up, do some exercise, get some studying done, and run errands (all before noon!).

5. And mostly importantly, "I save $$$$!"

Partying (and especially alcohol) is expensive. By staying in on a Saturday night, you are guaranteed to save money. The average college student spends $500 on alcohol per year! This is a hefty amount. By not drinking, you can use this money for something you really want such as a trip abroad!

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