Teachers are inspirational figures both on and offscreen. Here, we are going to focus on some of the greatest teachers to ever grace the big screen. From comedy to drama, leading roles to supporting roles, teachers have been some of the best characters in the history of cinema.

Miss Honey (Matilda)

Miss Honey is not only a teacher, but a magical and mother-like figure to Matilda throughout the film (and novel). She is an incredible teacher and truly loves children, so much so that she saves Matilda from her awful parents and even adopts her in the end. Now that’s dedication.

Mr. Keating (Dead Poet’s Society)

Mr. Keating is one of the most inspiring teachers in cinematic history. He tries to teach the boys at Welton Academy that there is more to poetry, and life in general, than reading and reciting from a textbook. He brings life into the classroom and changes the boys of Welton Academy forever.

Ms. Norbury (Mean Girls)

Ms. Norbury (played by the hilarious Tina Fey) is one of the best characters in Mean Girls. She’s invovled (being the head of the North Shore High School Mathletes), is a great math teacher, and forgives Cady after discovering that Cady wrote about her in the Burn Book. Plus, she’s fun as proven by the fact that after the Mathletes Championship she encourages Cady to disobey her parents and go to the Spring Fling dance.

Mr. Finn (School of Rock)

Mr. Finn is funny, caring, and a rockstar. Though a bit rough around the edges, he teaches his students about the power of music, and that it’s ok to be different. An added bonus? He takes his students on the coolest field trip of all time: A Battle of the Bands competition.

Professor McGonagall (Harry Potter)

Though perceived as strict in some of the earlier films, she is one of Harry’s closest allies throughout the series. She is a protective teacher, caring deeply for her students and always doing her best to keep them out of harm’s way. Plus, she can turn into a cat whenever she wants.

Mr. Vernon (The Breakfast Club)

Mr. Vernon is often viewed as the villain of The Breakfast Club for his role in forcing the students to spend their entire Saturday in detention. However, at heart, Mr. Vernon cares about the students and just wants them to like him.