If you’ve made the decision to leave your house and study on campus, it’s important to be prepared for what’s coming. Studying on campus means seeing your friends and taking fun breaks, but it also means finding a perfect seat and dealing with people who won’t stop talking. Here is a guide to help you have the best experience possible when studying on campus!

1. Bring snacks

2. And water

3. And coffee

4. Set a time to meet your friend for a study break

5. Study with a friend (makes bathroom breaks easier)

6. Make sure you have an extra article of clothing/a notebook to save your spot with

7. Download readings ahead of time in case you can’t connect to the wifi

8. Have a backup plan in case the first place you go is full

9. Decide ahead of time whether you want a silent study space or a group study space

10. Remember to bring headphones with you!

11. And never forget your laptop charger

12. Make a schedule for your study time

13. Find a building that is attached to a cafe or other food joint so you don’t have to go outside

14. If #13 isn't possible, choose a designated person to go on coffee/food runs

15. And finally, don’t be afraid to tell someone to be quiet when they are talking in a no-talking area