Even when it’s a leap year, February sure does go by fast. Time to face the truth: it’s already March. There really aren’t too many downsides. Ok, so you’re one step closer to exams, but you’re also one step closer to Spring Break, and eventually, summer! Check out what’s in store for the next 31 days!

1. You can’t believe it’s already March (man, February goes by quickly):

2. And, ok so it’s not as warm as you would like:

3. But the days have gotten slightly warmer so you know the end is near:

4. And even if the weather isn’t perfect, you have Spring Break coming up:

5. Which means one of two things, your Spring Break will look like this:

6. Or like this:

7. But whatever you do, do not let it look like this:

8. If you go somewhere warm, you’ll have an amazing time soaking up the sun:

9. Just don’t come back like this:

10. If you stay around campus, you’ll still have an amazing time, just minus the suntan (or burn):

11. Whatever you do for Spring Break, you’ll be nice and relaxed by the end of the week:

12. Until you remember that April is near which means exams:

13. At least you have Easter to cheer you up:

14. Lots and lots of chocolate:

15. Maybe even a delicious Easter brunch:

16. Or a cake shaped like a bunny:

17. And most importantly, two days of no classes:

18. If you’re (extremely) lucky, maybe you’ll even see that first daffodil blossom:

19. Or that first lamb frolick:

20. And although the impending doom of exams is starting to sink in, you don’t have to worry just yet, so enjoy those first days of Spring: