Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and you survived yet another year. Unfortunately, it’s now back to reality. School is back in session and as we all know, January isn’t the most exciting month. Here is your guide to January to help you get through the next 31 days!

1. You ring in the New Year in style!

2. But don’t feel so hot the next morning…

3. You realize you only have a few days left until school starts again:

4. So you enjoy every minute with your family and friends:

5. You remember all the schoolwork you were supposed to do over the holidays and freak out a little:

6. But make a resolution to go to the library as soon as you get back to campus:

7. Then of course, you see your friends again for the first time in weeks and plans change:

8. You’re so excited to be back at uni:

9. But then your classes start:

10. And your professors start telling you about all the work you will have to do this semester:

11. On top of this, the temperature is now below freezing on a daily basis:

12. In other words, you are constantly cold:

13. Which leads you to never go outside:

14. Unless you can think of something extra fun to do:

15: But really, it’s full on hibernation mode for the next eight weeks:

16: On the bright side, staying indoors will allow you to get more school work done:

17: Right?