Congratulations! January is over and you’ve survived yet another month of winter. It’s officially February 1st, so for those of you that used January as a trial run for your “new year, new you” resolutions, feel free to think of February as the real starting point. Here’s how the next 29 days are going to go:

1. You celebrate because you’ve survived January (the worst month of all):

2. Then you remember, February is still freezing:

3. Which means another month (or more) of this:

4. And this:

5. Then you realize, tomorrow is Groundhog Day, and maybe, just maybe, winter is almost over:

6. It’s all up to you, little buddy:

7. No matter the outcome, you know a groundhog can’t really predict the future:

8. So you begin to come to terms with the fact that winter is just going to do its thing for as long as it sees fit:

9. But just when you’ve become content with sub-zero temperatures, you are dealt another blow in the form of Valentine’s Day:

10. While the couples are acting all cute and adorable…

11. You are reminded of your overwhelming loneliness:

12. But hey, at least you get to celebrate the miracle that is February 15th (when all the chocolate goes on sale):

13. And even better? Spring break is on its way:

14. Whether you’re going somewhere warm….

15. Or will be dreaming about those tropical sands while watching Netflix and not doing any school work for a week, it’s a pretty good deal:

16. Then guess what?! Before you know it, February is over (gotta love those 29 days):

17. And with March around the corner, surely spring is on its way...right?