December is a tough month for everyone - you have exams, the holidays, and cold, cold weather. Here are some tips to get you through the next few weeks (aside from listening to Back to December on repeat).

There’s no denying it, holiday spirit is in the air:

Some of us love it:

And some of us hate it:

But we must tolerate it, so get in the holiday spirit and do some Christmas shopping:

Or bake some cookies:

But don’t spend all your time baking because unfortunately, exams are around the corner:

Whatever you do, don’t let exams get you down:

Find study friends:

And study snacks:

Take productive study breaks:

Remember that the weather is going to get increasingly worse, and it’s ok to be angry:

Embrace the cold!

Try and keep as warm as possible, both inside…

and out…

Try not to slip on all the ice…

Celebrate after you’ve written your last exam:

And finally, make the most of your holiday by RELAXING:

Have a wonderful December!