The University of Miami is consistently ranked in the top 50 colleges in the United States. Incredible research facilities, Division I sports teams, and amazing weather are just a few of the things that make UM special. But enough about how great UM is! Check out 9 things all UM students can relate to.

1. Being tanned all year round

2. Walking by a lake and palm trees on the way to class every day

3. Having a hard time choosing between restaurants because Miami has so much amazing food

4. Pretending you can speak a little bit of Spanish

5. Having your out-of-state friends flock to South Beach for Spring Break...meanwhile you can go to South Beach any time you want

6. Getting stuck in traffic for hours on end

7. Not having to deal with budget cuts or *too* much bureaucracy since it’s not a state school

8. Cheering on the Hurricanes like there’s no tomorrow

9. Actually experiencing a hurricane and being a little bit frightened

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