There’s no denying that the University of Melbourne is the best in Australia. It’s ranked #1 in the country, #42 in the world, it has amazing facilities and professors, and best of all, it’s located in Melbourne. Full of culture, incredible food, unique architecture, and of course, beautiful sandy beaches, Melbourne really is the world’s most liveable city. I cannot imagine a better place to attend university. Check out 9 reasons the University of Melbourne is the best in Australia.

1. It is consistently ranked the #1 university in Australia

2. Melbourne is an amazing city (plus it happens to be one of the world’s most liveable)

3. Dating back to 1853, the campus is beautiful and historic

4. It has a vibrant international student culture

5. If you’re having a bad day, you can walk a few blocks from campus and sip on a freakshake

6. Or head to the beach and go for a swim or a walk along the pier

7. You can be anyone you want to be - especially if who you want to be is a hipster

8. You get to enjoy Prosh Week every September

9. And, you can pretend you go to Hogwarts when living at one of the residential colleges

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